Aussie Online Pokies, History and Trends

Casino in Australian Suburban: Aussie online gambling trends

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Australia, as we know it today, was formed just over two centuries ago with the first immigrants from Europe. Today, the Australian population has increased significantly, but its density of 3.3 people per km2 is still one of the lowest in the world. Vast remote territories of Australian states have their own traditions and laws, but the love of gambling continues to be a distinctive feature of the Australian nation. How did this passion evolve and what are the modern trends of Australian suburban gambling — read below.

The Emergence of the Gambling Nation

At the time of the creation of the first colonies in Australia, gambling was one of the most important social activities. Low-income groups often engage in betting, such as cockfighting and dogfighting, and gambling — mostly dice. The upper class of society used gambling as a way to demonstrate their wealth; they often played card games at private parties and were the sponsors of boxing and horse racing tournaments. So, the consent, sponsorship, and encouragement of the colonists also drove the gambling industry to develop in the early days of Australia’s development.

During the Victorian era in the 1850s, gold mines were discovered in New South Wales and other places. Gold prospectors from all over the world came to Australia. The gold rush gave birth to the national mentality of the players. Many gold miners who came to Australia quit their original jobs and risked losing their property and lives by digging gold mines. If you can dig a large gold mine, you can get rich overnight, and if you are unlucky, you will waste half of your life, or even die trying. In this gold rush, the famous Melbourne Cup Horse Racing was founded in 1861.

From WWII to Modern Online Pokies

After World War II, the gambling industry in Australia became more collectivized and industrialized, and the Australian government made great efforts to promote the legalization of gambling by controlling illegal activities and increasing budgetary and social security revenues. Since then, numerous land-based casinos have appeared in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities. Meanwhile, in suburban areas, people prefer online pokies real money no deposit. Such online entertainment allows gamblers from the most remote places to visit online casinos and enjoy online pokies Australia real money no deposit. 

Even though online gambling is not considered legal in Australia, there are no sanctions for playing online pokies no deposit on foreign sites. Many British, New Zealand and Canadian sites offer the online pokies Australia no deposit bonus for Aussie visitors. Meanwhile, the local authorities continue to ignore such a profitable area of business, losing large revenues to the budget. According to some researches, the average annual loss of money per capita in Australia due to gambling reaches $990, while online gambling makes about 25% of this money. Should the Australian authorities legalize online gambling? Share your opinion with us.

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