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Hottest Mobile Trends in Gambling World

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According to GlobalWebIndex, in 2018, people spent 45% of their time online via mobile devices. In 2020 this figure grew to 50%, which is already a lot. Such a dynamic contributes to the mobile gambling increase, so, going mobile becomes a trend in the gambling world. However, gaming on smartphones is complemented by numerous other trends aiming to improve the experience of gamblers. Today, we will tell you about some of them in this article.

5 Main Trends in Mobile Gambling

The availability and functionality of mobile gambling attract many users to this market segment. Each operator tries to provide some unique opportunities to their clients to win a competition for the audience. So, they are trying to launch a convenient multifunctional app, and integrate the latest technologies into it. In particular, they use the following technologies that are of great interest to the gambling community:

  1. Blockchain

This is not only a fashionable market trend but a perfect way to guarantee a high level of transaction transparency. Modern gamblers appreciate the platforms that can provide such services because blockchain automatically records all the transactions made during the game.

  1. Cryptocurrencies

Using crypto instead of fiat money attracts many gamblers who want to keep their anonymity. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are more reliable because gamblers are not forced to provide their private data. According to many analysts, this trend will remain relevant for at least 5 years.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

This technology helps operators to create the most relevant offers for their clients. The platform developers integrate the AI to the site to study the tastes of the users and automate the work of the platform. In particular, market leaders integrate AI into chat-bots and support services. 

  1. Live games

This is one of the most promising trends of the industry, as they allow to attract a large audience. Gamblers are interested in talking to the dealers and other participants during the session. Live games bring online platforms up to $1.2 billion annually, which makes about 25% of their income. Therefore, experts agree that the popularity of live games will continue to increase alongside the number of mobile owners.

  1. Networking

In 2020, many thematic events were cancelled due to the pandemic. However, market participants managed to overcome this obstacle by contacting each other online. They mostly discussed the future of mobile gambling, the latest innovations, and trends.


As you can see, the gambling market continues to evolve at a fast pace. There is no doubt that this list can be expanded, as new innovations appear more and more frequently. What are your predictions regarding the market development? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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